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Hate Barney? I didn’t really hate Barney.

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When I was a young whipper snapper all of my friends hated Barney. Why on earth would anyone hate or even dislike Barney? I must have heard every hateful version of “I Love You” there is. The one i remember particularly well is “I hate you. You hate me. We’re the Manson family.”

Now that I am an isolated adult. I’m less concerned with the opinions of others. Yes! its true I sort of like Barney. I certainly have aversion to Barney. If it was still on TV I would watch it. It had a decent story line and they were just trying to teach little kids not to be jerks.

I think Everyone knows who Barney is but if you don’t he is a purple dinosaur that teaches kids to do things like say please, and thank you, and don’t stick your hand in the garbage disposal. Barney had a decent run according to the google knowledge graph. The first episode aired April 6th, 1992 and the last episode aired September 18th, 2009.

The Tupac Barney Dub is one of my all time favorite videos. The Teletubbies absolutely deserve every bit of hate that comes there way. I guess as long as i am coming clean. I watched the Power Rangers every single morning and i followed it like The Days of our Lives.

Full disclosure I have never watched an entire episode of Barney. I watched a little bit with one of my cousins when he was a baby and that’s about it. It wasn’t too bad and he didn’t deserve the scorn.

In conclusion I’m sure some will have figured out that Hate Barney includes the words Hate Barn. You can thank ubersuggest for this post and for all the posts that will follow in this fashion. I actually didn’t think it was possible for me to write this much about Barney.

What is Barney Doing Now?

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