Hoarding – My Plan to reduce clutter and take control.

I have been hoarding things for some time, and today i have decided to do something about it. My plan of action is simple, everyday i am going to pick an item to sell, give away, or throw away. My intentions are to document and publish everything I remove. Basically I would like to take my worthless possessions and amass them in the Hate Barn.

I cataloged my stockpile of books on Facebook a few years ago. Unfortunately the list is incomplete, and its something that i truly regret. However most of my favorite books did get indexed. While writing this paragraph I looked at the list on Facebook again and now i want to reread Enders Game and Superfudge.

I may be over exaggerating when i use the word hoarding. No camera crews have shown up yet, but i have noticed a pattern in my behavior that needs attention. So what am i hoarding anyways? A good example is when i buy anything I keep the box, and as a result I now have a cache of empty boxes. The thought was if I needed to return something I would have the original packaging. However… Many of the items I own are well past the warranty period and the boxes can be thrown away.

I have been known to squirrel away wires and other useless electronics. Most of my items are mundane and uninteresting but you never know. I may be sitting on something awesome or at the very least mildly interesting. If you are having real problems with hoarding sometimes seeing it explained will help you to make a change. This website helped me out.

Hoarding List

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