Hoarding – The List Page 1

  1. Broken TV 1/1/2019 – I traded a working TV for this broken TV. I put this Television in the trash today.
  2. Air Mattress with Hole 1/2/2019 – This air mattress has a hole in it. I put it in the dumpster.
  3. D-Link Boxee Box 1/3/2019 – This is like a early model roku. Its now antiquated and discontinued. I threw it away.
  4. Clippers 1/4/2019 – These clippers have not seen the light of day in years. I pitched them.

Well as unlikely as it seems I didn’t actually have that much junk most of it was actual trash and i just threw it all away and now my storage areas are clear. It did not take that long to fix things. Who knew? Check out my blog posts.

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