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This is my RES turtle.  He had an abusive roommate for a while, but now he is in his own tank.  It took him a while to come out of his shell after his abuser moved out.  Things are going well and he is doing OK now.  And now Its turtle sleeping time  

RES “Red-Eared Slider”

It truly is amazing watching these animals grow. When i first met this turtle he was about a big as a quarter. He used to live in one of those ridiculous little fountains you get for Christmas. Now he has both a summer and winter home with all kinds of apparatus. He has an Aqueon so changing his water is super simple. He’s got the UVB and Heat lamp so his shell stays hard and he stays warm. He will bask forever and he will trick anyone into feeding him. I guess he is a ninja turtle.

These guys love turtles

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